Weekend Project: The Kitchen Pantry

I’ve been putting this one off for a while: time to clear out the pantry. My goals are to use up the canned beans I’ve had in there for 6+ months, organize the grains because I have tons (okay, maybe 6) small bags with a little bit of grain left in each one, and um, CLEAN. I haven’t dusted back there since I moved in 1.5 years ago. Yikes….

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Organizing your carry-on bags for travel

This week I am packing for a trip. I’m actually not going on the trip until later in the month, but looking at my calendar, I realized I’m not going to have any other time to do this. WHile this involves a lot of laundry, sorting and folding of my clothing, my main concern is paring everything down so I can fly with only a carry-on bag. Here is a guide from travel writer Johnna Kaplan on just how to do this: How to Travel with Just One Carry-on Bag

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How To: Organize your finances

If you’re short on time or just lazy (or like me, both), it always makes sense to focus your limited energies onto projects that have dual benefits: menu planning, organizing your junk drawer. A great example is organizing your credit card bills.  Not only are you saving yourself time each month by setting up automatic payments, you have a great opportunity to negotiate a lower APR on each account….

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